“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

~ Albert Einstein

Artist’s Statement

In my work, I strive to capture a moment in nature, a time, a place, a behaviour, an action that I have witnessed – a small part of the bird’s or animal’s larger story. Sometimes I’ve had the pleasure of watching a bird or animal for a long period of time, in other cases, just a fleeting glimpse.  Each experience leaves an imprint that I look to incorporate into the work – an expression, a posture, an interaction – one that might resonate with the viewer’s own experiences.

As a biologist, I marvel at the variations and adaptations that are displayed across the mammalian and avian families, at the anatomical and physiological structures that among other traits, enable diversity of locomotion – from flight to swimming, that attract mates, and facilitate incredible long distance migratory journeys. I am amazed at the ability of some to solve complex problems, to mate for life, or to teach their young to use tools. I strive to capture aspects of this knowledge in each painting.

My work is deliberately detailed to draw the viewer into looking more closely at each animal or bird, to provide a glimpse into their lives and our own.


2016 – Birds of a Feather, solo show. The Lodge at Amherst Island

2010, 2008  – Artists Awaken, Group Show, Toronto


Originals and prints in private collections across the US and Canada


Two Horse Gallery

Huntsville, Ontario