Julie Bowen

Wildlife Artist

About Me

Artist’s Statement

In my work, I strive to capture a moment in nature, a time, a place, a behaviour, an action that I have witnessed – a small part of the bird’s or animal’s larger story. Sometimes I’ve had the pleasure of watching for a long period of time, in other cases, just a fleeting glimpse.  Each experience leaves an imprint that I look to incorporate into the work – an expression, a posture, an interaction – one that might resonate with the viewer’s own experiences. 

As a biologist, I marvel at the variations and adaptations that are displayed across the natural world, at the anatomical and physiological structures that among other traits, enable flight, attract mates, and facilitate incredible long distance migratory journeys. I am amazed at the ability of some to solve complex problems, to mate for life, or to teach their young to use tools. I strive to capture aspects of this knowledge in each painting.

My work is deliberately detailed to draw the viewer into looking more closely at each bird or animal as an invitation to, in the words of Albert Einstein:

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”